Jamming with Afterthought

A couple of weeks ago, it was my Dad’s 58th birthday, so we went out to the West 50 Pourhouse: a place that has over 50 different beers on tap. Perfect for a Dad on his birthday.

When we went there was a live band playing jazz. I was impressed! They were fantastic! I heard them play all of my old favourite hits from the 90s in Jazz form, as well as a few songs I didn’t recognize. They are a tight group with an obvious love of music. To top it all off, they played a jazzified version of Happy Birthday for my Dad!

So! Of course I had to talk to them! They’re called Afterthought and they play there every Thursday night. Also, it turns out they liked what I had to offer. So on November 6th, 2014, I will be joining them at the Pourhouse. Come check it out!

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