Reflections of a Mid-Twenties Woman in a Man’s World

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Bad things happen, people treat you badly, circumstances just keep building up or things just keep getting in your way, and even when it should be easy (because your circumstances are much better than some people’s) life leaves you wondering what you did to deserve this. It leaves you utterly defeated.

Well you can’t take a break from life. You can’t just stop without forfeiting the option to continue. Sometimes when life gets you down there is nothing you can do, except to keep drudging your way through it and wait for the hard times to pass.

Fortunately there are things out there that can help to ease the pain.


I’m just joking. Don’t drink, kids, it’s bad for you.

It’s been a long hard week at work, and now that it’s Friday, it’s time to get back to the music.
(that’s the thing by the way)

How’s about some Louis Armstrong

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