So yesterday, a seriously awesome hard-rock/metal band (and some new friends of mine) gave me their EP.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, when you’re sitting there listening to the radio on the brutal drive home from work, and all you want to hear is hard rock or metal of any form or punk or post-hardcore, it is the WORST feeling in the world when you turn to your designated radio station for that genre, and all you get is the indie-pop crap that’s all over the radio these days.

indie-pop (ˈindē-päp) n. Pop music designed to sound like stereo-typical independent artists’ music, but produced by fully represented artists and labels, with the specific purpose of crushing the dreams of true indie artists.

NO I do not care if all you all you all you really really really wanna do is post up next to me, play me something worth listening to.

FORTUNATELY, Tether gave me something worth listening to!

Check it out:

Also, check out their facebook page

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